New Orleans 1 – Cafe Du Monde, Antoines, B&C Seafood

According to USA today travel, New Orleans had 809 restaurants pre-Katrina and 1,366 restaurants post-Katrina. You could dine at a different place every night for the rest of your life and never scratch the surface. With a population of 370,000, NOLA is the most restaurant-dense city in the US, a gastronomic explosion of all cuisines, but their signature styles are Creole and Cajun, and heavy on the seafood. Creole: free black citizens. Cajun: French Canadians exiled from Nova Scotia. Here are a few restaurant pics. I will add more later.

B&C Riverside Seafood Restaurant Vacherie LA


The boy waiter.

B&C is a quaint country restaurant facing the levee on the way to the Oak Alley Plantation.

Girl alligator in ladies room at B&C Riverside Seafood Restaurant, Vacherie, LA

The girl waiter-gater


Greetings, tourist. You are on my lunch menu.


Antoines Restaurant, New Orleans

 Circa 1840 Grand Dame & birthplace of oysters Rockefeller.

antoines rest1 antoines rest 2



Ageless Cafe du Monde – home of Beignets and chicory coffee.

IMG_0326 a Grab an outdoor table at Cafe du Monde. You’re on Jackson Square facing St. Louis Cathedral across the street, a front row seat on horse drawn carriages, flocks of artists pinning their paintings to the black wrought iron, freeze models with cups, tourists, musicians, and general delightful cacophony.

IMG_0320 a

IMG_0345 a

IMG_0343 aInside the Cafe, its a good idea to stay in your seat or you might be trampled by whirling white coated waitstaff balancing trays with eight cups of hot coffee and piles of hot powdered beignets.


IMG_0379 a

Step aside tourist, she moves FAST!

IMG_0375 a

Waitstaff lining up for Beignets, NOLA’s answer to Krispy Kreme.


IMG_0317 a


IMG_0356 a Next door you can watch your candy being made, and take home a box of fresh, chewy Aunt Sally’s Original Creole Pecan Pralines.IMG_0360 IMG_0364

IMG_0338 aIMG_0365 a


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