Journey to Capture BessyBus 2 – Chapter 2

Thu Aug 28

Shawnee, Ok to Hays, Ks – 374 mi

This morning I visit dentist once more for an adjustment. Then we must go! We need to be in Denver by Sept 2 to celebrate Steve’s big 70th birthday with his sister and family.  We fuel up at Tonkawa, OK and park for the night at Wilson Lake State Park on I-40. A big storm rolls in right over this beautiful lake.

20140828_193024 @100 IMG_7390

Fri Aug 29
Hays Ks to Firestone Co – 355 mi

This morning we call Rob B. for breakfast. He is our son’s old roommate and our renter for many years. He was part of our family in Norman but recently got his very first job teaching Philosophy at Ft. Hays State University. Surprise! Rob is packing and leaving for China in two hours. No socializing today. We drive on to Firestone, Co and park at the lovely home of our niece and nephew, Monica and Steve B.

IMG_6881 ret @150 blog

You can see from this photo that Monica & Steve have a view west of the Rocky Mountains from their front door, and plenty of parking for BessyBus with no other houses around. It is spectacular!

We get to see their son darling Camden, now one year older. We love to sit on the living room floor early in the morning, visit and drink coffee while we watch the baby play.


Rocky Mountains, Front Range view from Firestone & Longmont at sunset. This view is never the same twice, and always breathtaking. You will leave your heart there.

Mon Sep 1
Firestone Co to Berthoud, Co – 21 mi

We move our bus to park on the street in front of Steve’s sister’s house, Karen and Tom Gavin.

IMG_7745 ret @150

They host a fantastic party on Tuesday, Sept 2, for big Steve’s big 70 birthday. All the family is there, including the far flung family – see niece Erika from New York with her two children. And Steve’s brother Paul and Dee from Seattle, with niece Katy from Los Angeles. It’s the first time we’ve all been together in a couple years. Karen and Tom are also celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary this week.

IMG_7705 @150


We take in a Rockies baseball game. We enjoy the Chilhuly hand blown art glass exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens, and drive up to Estes Park for the Scottish Festival.


Dale Chihuly hand blown glass pieces are planted everywhere among the flowers and foliage of Denver Botanic Gardens.


IMG_8138 @150

Heavy armor jousting still exists on giant horses at Scottish Festival, Estes Park, Co!

Karen and Tom keep a huge garden and are wicked good cooks. Karen won the state fair cherry pie baking contest. She has two cherry trees in her back yard, and her mom Louva’s pie crust recipe. No wonder!

20130901_171958 @30 two

sister Karen’s state fair prize winning cherry pie from Karen’s real, not canned tart cherries.

Wed Sep 10
Berthoud, Co to Kremmling, Co – 146 mi

After ten nights with the precious Dwyer family, we head west up over Vail Pass on I-70. BessyBus is chugging along to climb 10,662 ft. We are going to meet friends that we haven’t seen in five years. We keep in touch online but this is the first time they have been close enough to overlap in person!  We meet Dan and Irene at Wolford Reservoir, north of Kremmling, Co, an isolated high plain with few trees, a place of stunning, severe beauty. The town is loaded with hunting outfitters.


Fancy log cabin of the lone pioneer on Wolford River, later dammed to Reservoir


Irene is Italian and a fab cook. You should have seen her baked lake trout, served on fine embroidered linens and cut crystal, while we sat parked in the beautiful wilderness beside the lake. Does it get any better than this?

20140909_190938 @50

Irene’s freshly caught baked lake trout.



Our two RVs, parked all alone at Wolford Reservoir, with a sweeping view of big game country

She also served us Trappey’s sweet hot jalapeno peppers on cream cheese on celery. This became an obsession. I later visited about 20 stores looking for it before finally ordering six jars online. We first (and last) met Dan and Irene at twilight in the parking lot of Cape Flattery, Washington, at the furthest northwest land point in the contiguous United States.


Walking path to the tip of Cape Flattery


View of Pacific ocean from tip of Cape Flattery

We were about to spend the night sleeping in the front seat of our Dodge truck when Irene came along and invited two total strangers to sleep in her bus on the living room floor! She made us a lovely bed with air mattresses. She told us all about their life in Hawaii. She cooked us spaghetti for dinner and bacon/eggs for breakfast. And thus a treasured friendship began. No wonder we are beholden to them and willing to drive over Vail pass just to see them again!

20140910_144330 ret @30

Cute log cabin on Hwy 1 southwest of Kremmling Co


 Fri Sept 12
Kremmling, Co to Wolcott, Co – 68 mi (@35 mph!)

We had a longstanding desire to see the Glenwood Canyon area of Colorado on I-70. We passed through there once before in a downpour and saw nothing. To view pricey Glenwood Canyon on a budget, we decide to stay 20 miles east of town at the tiny, cute, very tight BLM site –  Wolcott Campground. To reach Wolcott from Kremmling, we take Bessy on the small, scenic state Hwy 134 west through the mountains, past Toponas, Co., then south on 131 and across the Colorado River at State Bridge. This is a land of sheepherders and beautiful wild country.

a 57AU6492q colo river at state bridge @40

Looking down on Colorado river and rafters at the tiny town of State Bridge, Co on Hwy 131

a 57AU6345 ret crop 2 @90

This Great Pyrenees is so fearless and fiercely loyal, he will kill any wolf or tourist who comes near his sheep. There were warning signs saying “Do not approach the dog!!

a 57AU6376 herder peru @70

Even tho he spoke not a word of English, we had a long conversation with this sheepherder from Peru. See his wagon house in background.

a 57AU6384 @90 blog

We are driving our car on the primitive Hwy 700/Muddy Creek Road, in the mountains above Wolcott. Far down below is the sheepherder’s wagon.

Also on Hwy 131 near Wolcott is the beautiful Four Eagle Dude Ranch so I’ll have to add two photos of that:

a 57AU6508q porch breaking bronc 600x400

Wolcott BLM costs only $5 per night – what a guilt trip! We stayed here once before when our niece Monica and Steve got married at Red Sky Golf and Country Club nearby. Our bus is sitting right beside the bubbling, sparkling Eagle River. From our bedroom window we can see fly fishermen casting.


Sat Sep 13
Glenwood Springs, Co.

Every day we take our car and bikes from Wolcott east on I-70 to Glenwood Springs, or west to Vail/Aspen/Avon area. You cannot believe the beautiful drive on I-70 through the fabulous Glenwood Canyon.

a IMG_8446 glenwood canyon @200

We did it coming and going several times, with me hanging out the window with my camera, yelling “Slow down!” Glenwood is famous for hiking and white water rafting, and the over-touristed Hot Springs Spa of the Rockies swimming pool. We saw a bear for the first time in our lives and made several shots of him munching on a bush at – appropriately – Grizzly Creek Rest Stop. It was shocking to see tourists walk right up to the bear with their cell phones. One idiot with not even a phone (or shirt) just wanted to feel macho by invading the bear’s space. I wish the bear would have eaten him.

a IMG_8348 bear @140

Hi, I’m cute.


There is no better bike ride than on a trail right along the Colorado River.

a 20140915_172123 bike ride @30

Our bike trail is right on top of the Colorado River in the Glenwood Canyon on I-70.

We also watched people catching a wave at the Whitewater Park waterfalls near Midland Ave.

a IMG_8508 @100

We ate at the old grand dame, Hotel Colorado, where Teddy Roosevelt and other wealthy aristocrats stayed while on big game hunting trips.

a IMG_8461

Lobby of grand old dame Hotel Colorado, built in 1893. Has its own ghosts, of course.

The hotel tells a charming fable about how Roosevelt was supposed to bring a bear back for his daughter. When he returned empty handed, the staff made a little bear out of stuffed rags for him to give his daughter instead, thus inventing the teddy bear. You can read the truth here:

Before leaving Wolcott, we take a picnic lunch and drive up Bellyache Ridge Road, past the Red Sky Ranch & Golf Club. Up here at 9,120 feet the aspens are at their peak.


Tue Sep 16
Wolcott, Co to Colorado Springs, Co – 183 mi

We drive back down the big mountain on I-70, asking alot of BessyBus to do this twice. We turn south on I-25 to Colorado Springs to spend two days with Escapee friends Brad and Marilyn from Ontario, Canada.  It’s another coincidental overlap of friends along our route! We enjoy Garden of the Gods together and park at the super tight Goldfield RV Park.

a IMG_8639 brad

Happy RV friends Brad and Marilyn

a IMG_8676 gods

Garden of the Gods park, Colorado Springs

Brad tells us the story of how his dad owned mineral rights to land around a lake in Canada, and sold the those rights just a few years before millions of dollars worth of graphite was discovered there. Email me for a copy of Brad’s “riches to rags” mining story, with photos.

Wed Sep 17
Colorado Springs, Co to Berthoud, Co – 127 mi

We drive north back to Karen’s house at Berthoud to complete the second half of our visit with Karen, Tom and the Dwyer family. We have a three hour dinner at Star of India Restaurant in Ft. Collins with their dear friends, Vish and Sherry.

end of chapter 2

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